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ER - Dragonair Tiberius by catandcrown ER - Dragonair Tiberius by catandcrown

DRAGONAIR - Initial kinda concept


Dragonair is the evolved, adolescent form of Dratini. Dragonair are proud, majestic and powerful creatures, holding a vast level of myth and legend in their native country of kanto. Revered as something of a pseudo-legendary breed, it lives up to its title as one of the first Dragons. The Dragonair as a species has undergone many different changes externally as well as internally, its biological makeup changing rapidly as it grows.

The first and probably the most obvious is the growth of six small limbs. The first four are already present in its adolescent form, but they have filled out, allowing the long finger bones underneath the muscles to be seen along with sharp, protruding claws at the end of each finger. These rudder like fins are incredibly strong despite its massive bulk and Dragonair are capable of supporting a massive amount of weight upon them, along with use claw based attacks with far more proficiency than before. As they grow, these fins undergo a selective form of necrosis-like evolution, with the skin cells between each fingers dying and separating into individual fingers as time goes by. As they shed their skins, each coating of dead skin falls away from them, revealing a fully functioning set of three fingers and an opposable thumb at the point of adulthood. The stronger, more powerful limbs at either end of its body allow for increased stability when attempting attacks, and allow the Dragonair to support nearly the entire length of its body upon its hindquarters. The strength of the back legs and tail being enough for it to lunge viciously from over 2 to 45ft in a single, jutting attack. They have also formed rough, callous scales around the joints as the Dragon begins to lose its ability to shed its skin (it is assumed that once Dragonair sheds its final skin, not only do the wings sprout formally, but they also begin to grow without the need to shed), leaving, stronger, harder defences in its place.

Large, bony growths have also appeared on the creatures back. The odd mutations are in fact layers of incredibly hard skin covering rapidly growing wing bones on its shoulders, which will later become vast in size. It is unknown how Dragonair are able to form these massive structures so quickly, only that when they emerge, they are capable of unaided flight within a matter of weeks. As mentioned before, when the creatures shed its skin for the final time of its life, these large, callous lumps will be shrugged off, usually with the aid of biting and gnawing for ease of passage, allowing their colossal wings to bloom freely. This is not thought to be too painful a process, but can add a small amount of discomfort if allowed to go on for too long.

Dragonair as a species in general are some of the most intelligent on the planet, with the exception on Psychic types. They are known to remember vast libraries of faces, solve puzzles if in the mood and communicate with their broods on a highly complex and emotional level. In some rare cases however, they can be incredibly vicious, though these particular moods are as mentioned, rare. It is no surprise to many officials however that with their increase in intelligence, they not only become far more protective of their broods and families, but far more wary of humans and are fantastically rare to catch in the wild, if at all. It is also known that, like their offspring, remain mostly in the water, preferring to stay in large bodies of liquid such as lakes over its adult forms, which need vast areas of ocean each for territory.

Concerning their attacking and defensive abilities, Dragonair are weak to very little, with the exception of ice based attacks and freezing weather (which many researchers is to do with the rapid cooling of their blood leaving them sluggish and ill almost to the point of death on occasion) and other Dragons, the only other creatures with powers and abilities strong enough to kill each other on an aggressive level.

As a species, the entire dragon based line of Pokémon has access to a vast array of attacks and Dragonair are no exception to this, from fire, to lightning, to water and even some earth elements, there is something about their almost divine gifts that gives them an otherworldly quality.

Returning to outer changes, it is also noted how quickly Dragonair put on weight in this form, their bodies rapidly metabolising any food they can get their hands on, storing the energy to spur on their gargantuan levels of evolution. It is no surprise that they therefore eat enormous amounts of food every day and can reach lengths of up to 30-40 ft. in the wild, and even longer in rare cases (it is widely believed that like many dragon species, if they continue to feed, Dragonair and its evolutionary line will not stop growing if they continue to eat and remain healthy, only adding to their legendary status of pseudo immortality). Because of this insatiable appetite, Dragonair develop a thin, highly compacted layer of blubber just under the skin. This layer does not serve purpose to keep the creature warm, as its natural weaknesses make it steer clear of colder conditions. The layer in fact is a reserve energy source, to fuel its extreme growth. A noticeable side effect of this large appetite is the arrival of medium to large growths on the creature’s neck and tail. These spheres are the result of the creature’s diet and overall metabolism and are quite fantastic when studied. Dragonair are known to eat large quantities of whatever they can find, be it fish, plant life, crustaceans, larger mammalian Pokémon, even humans should the mood take them and are a compacted mixture of indigestible waste and fatigue toxins. Because Dragonair have a tendency to snuffle around seabed’s looking for food, it is no surprise that they often swallow rocks, silt, hard shells, small bones and such other materials than its digestive tract rejects.

Rather than waste body energy by sending it through the intestines and picking out the few nutrients these things have to offer, the Pokémon’s body breaks the items down and forces them to the pores of the creature’s neck and tail, where they build and crystalize when added to another chemical that the creature rejects; fatigue toxins produced by muscles.

Like many dragon Pokémon, Dragonairs body is a powerful machine capable of far greater abilities than that of any human and filled with far less flaws. In order to retain a high metabolism and lessen the need to rest when the body is already working overtime on growth, Dragonairs body removes fatigue toxins from its muscles and directs them to the surface of its skin, where they mix with its other undesirables, coat them and form a pearly, sapphire like jewel.

These jewels, prized amongst many avid collectors and religious officials alike for their supposed spiritual connection and beauty, are removed from the creature’s neck when it sheds its skin, each time making way for new ones as the Pokémon continues to develop. When it reaches adulthood, its digestive system becomes far stronger and hardier, removing the need for this system to continue. However, scientists are fascinated by its ability to create such pearly gems at such a rapid rate, along with its brilliant biological advantages. It is noted by officials that Registered trainers must report the acquisition of a Dratini to their local Pokémon centre, so that they are fully prepared for the massive biological changes that will occur, and the consequences should they not be.

It is noted that whilst they get longer and bulkier, their necks and main chest ribs being to grow in an odd manner. It has been observed that the spinal column lessens growth on various vertebrae within the Dragonairs body as it grows, causing the neck to grow closer to the shoulders and the legs, arms and chest to grow into a more compact, lizard like form, forcing the creature away from its original, serpentine body shape.

Its final evolution, the Dragonite is quite the spectacle when fully grown, and it is little wonder why these creatures are so revered for their abilities, their temperament and their near mythical status all over the world.


Conratulations!You're DRATINI Evolved into OH GOD ITS EATING MEEE!

Tiberius the Dragonair belongs to Mortimer Tyler - [link]
To see his full evolution line - [link]

EDIT: im overwhelmed that this has gotten so many views in less than 10 hours, so thank you all so SO much! The general consensus is that whilst he looks good, the legs are a bit nyeh, which i am inclined to agree with. But as i mentioned, its an initial concept, so try to not take it too seriously :) again though, thank you all so much!

EDIT 2: Both the text and the picture have been updated, with the addition of slimmer, more sea-turtle like fins for smoother travel, the orbs on the creatures neck and tail (the tail ones I don't like, but they're there now, so meh) and just more detail added in general, including scary-slitty cat-lizard eyes. hope the changes are to peoples liking!

Pokémon Designs.

Old Format

Growlithe – Evolution Line
Dratini – Evolution Line

New Format

- Kyogre
- Groudon
- Rayquaza
- Kyurem
- Xerneas

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JESzasz Featured By Owner Edited Jul 4, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
 How is it that you managed to take such a majestic and cute creature, and turn him into this monstrosity? 

 Well, he is lolling his tongue out, which is kinda cute I guess. Guess he wanted to be petted again, or have another Poképuff. :p

 The owner better get on that, because I'm not going to be around when he starts nibbling on organic matter.
catandcrown Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
it's a gift. 

In all seriousness, i'm not super keen on this design anymore as it is, theres a newer incarnation somewhere on my tumblr, which is a bit less classical dragon in design
JESzasz Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
 Yeah, we artists have a tendency to look back on our previous designs, and we can't help but think how we would've done things differently.
DracoPhobos Featured By Owner May 18, 2015  Student Filmographer
I like how slick it looks!
RatedRawwr Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2015  Student Digital Artist
It looks creepy.
diebruder Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
me encanta
mudkipenator Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2015
Think of it as a cute doggy mermaid.
VIP-159 Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2015
Hai, I love your art style.
I just want to ask. Can I use some of your pictures for a youtube video. 
I want to make a video about the scariest looking pokémons.
I'm willing to mention you in the video and put a link to your deviantart account.
catandcrown Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
sure, if you could link to my deviantart account, that would be great. :)
VIP-159 Featured By Owner Feb 26, 2015
Thanks, I will give you the link of the video if it's finished. I hope you like it.
StormClaw112 Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
You gonna do mew anytime soon? Mew 
catandcrown Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
already done! - Commission - Pokemon Trainer Lux by catandcrown  :)
BlackJakal Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
My dad's name is Tiberius XP
catandcrown Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
your dad is clearly awesome :D
DariKani Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2014
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amazoness-king Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
very creepy
HappyBleuDragon Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
"Conratulations!You're DRATINI Evolved into OH GOD ITS EATING MEEE!"

Ahahah +1, but I do have to agree, Dragonair looks far less cute this way O_o Still awesome <3
JackXAngelicaforever Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2014  Student General Artist
That is very epic, amazing job~! cx
anglewithagun Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
catandcrown Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
PitchBlackTheCat Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2014
Soliassoul Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Whoa... Could you imagine how awesome it would be to ride that thing across an ocean?! Dang, that'd be sick. Sick drawing, too! This realistic Dragonair looks incredible.
risotorocha Featured By Owner May 28, 2014  Student Digital Artist
it is repugnant... a good art, but dragonair is cutie and smart... not so scary...
catandcrown Featured By Owner May 28, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
there is a newer version that is less repugnant as you put it. but it is still a predator, a very large predator  XD
risotorocha Featured By Owner May 28, 2014  Student Digital Artist
hahahahah yaaah, a predator!!
i am making a comic with a dragonair, so i am very detalist with him... haha
you realy like dragonair? like a fovorite pokemon?
BlazingDawn159 Featured By Owner May 3, 2014  Student General Artist
Oh my gosh dragonair looks so scary...I love it! I wouldn't mind one bit if pokemon like this was real!
Zelda206 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
:iconpumbaplz: SHE'S GONNA EAT ME!
Linkaton Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
I think the only issue I have with this is the head looks realistically too small for the body. 
catandcrown Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
its one of the maaaany flaws with this particular design, the newer one is far better :)
MillianaMoonwalll Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2014  Student Digital Artist
horsemight Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Dragonair is scaring me. o-o
catandcrown Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
excellent >:)
SpawnofMorgoth Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2013
:iconiloveyouplz: This looks terrifying, and amazing, and now I want one.

I really love your perspective on Dragonairs evolution, and all the different aspects of it's anatomy. I especially enjoyed the part about the jewels on its cheeks (highly original, artistic, and unique).  
arblos Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2013
Thanks for this rather interesting perspective on Dragonair
DrakeAT Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2013
Dragonaire Tiberious?!..... :O Nuff sed. 
ilovethekiller Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2013

o my glob o my glob


Aivilo3261 Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Oh my God...OH. MY. GOD. OHMYGOD!!! Grey La 
asti-friend Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is a great drawing! The shading is just epic! I wished Pokemon would look like this. Instant fave!
VaitaGray Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2013
sidetrack1 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013
Dang how did one of the most majestic G1 Pokemon's end up looking so depraved with the tongue sticking out and not cleaning itself from barnacles? xD
catandcrown Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
because i am twisted, sadistic, evil and a ruiner of childhoods. :) have a nice day! *tips hat and walks off whilst twirling a cane*
Baddahbing Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2013
you should make your own pokemon fanfic
0721966 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2013
Dang, just epicness out the ass
tnzski Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2013
Dang, Pokemon would be freaking SCARY if they were real...
sntmfan Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2013
My fave poke so far, and looks scarybadass <3
blurr14 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Student Interface Designer
have to fav even though it's hungry
blurr14 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2013  Student Interface Designer
uh oh looks like it's hungry
IcyInMay Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This is just to incredible!!!!
digitalbird06 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2012
Yikes! What happened to that adorable little pokemon?
catandcrown Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
he didn't survive in the wild. :)
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