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December 11, 2011
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END RUN: Mortimer Tyler (W.I.P) by catandcrown END RUN: Mortimer Tyler (W.I.P) by catandcrown


Name: Mortimer ‘Spearow-eyed’ Tyler
Age: 52
Height/Weight: 6.1 ft / 182 Lbs.
Hometown/Region: Old Viridian (outside the city limits) /Kanto
Military Faction: Army
Extra items: Combat knife, Margery (his rifle), cigarettes, hip flask and various other little trinkets.
Larger Images - [link]


Mortimer is a broken soul sheathed in stone.

A man of 52, he is still an incredibly capable fighter in both hand to hand and armed combat. Favouring the use of his Rifle, Margery, to pick off enemies from a distance before entering the fray with a blade of Bayonet.

Because of his early conscription to the First World War, Mort saw things as a child that haunt him to this day, and has a sense of hollowness because of it. Knowing what war brings, there is a heavy sense of weariness to his actions, leaving him only when combat ensues and he is forced to focus, at which point he becomes a whirlwind of gunfire, blade and fist.

He is a very proud and caring man, being a father of three and a widower to the love of his life. He has been known to be protective in his own manner also, confusing people when combined with his grouchy, sullen shell that he presents to the world. Mort is a heavy smoker and drinks often, but has never been known to be drunk in the public eye.
A hard worker by nature, Mort’s history of piracy follows him like a shadow, being quick and nimble with his hands and a silent and stealthy warrior despite his age and war wounds. He hears incredibly well from his right ear and has even sharper eyes, being able to hit a pidgey in flight from 400 yards or more.

Mort speaks with a thick drawl from old Viridian city, (when he speaks at all) before settlers from pallet and pewter began to set up in the city near Mt Silver.

He is not fond of Pokémon.


A second time enlist, Mort grew up around cannon fire and desolate destruction. At aged 15, he was conscripted into the Kanto army, lying about his age ( and being able to due to his impressive figure and excellent lying abilities) to fight for king and country in the Great War of the early century.

Not all of Mort came back from those battles.

Battered, bruised, he survived the first Great War to find his country laid waste, with an uneasy truce the only fruit of battle. Mort came back from the war shell shocked, deafened slightly in one ear, and with an uneasy faith in his country, along with a handful of recurring nightmares and a stare that his friends would later go on to describe as that of ‘ a dead man walking.’ He lost his youngest brother, Richie Tyler, in the first year of the war, and his older brother, Samuel, in the 3rd.

After receiving extensive treatment on his leg, Mort now walks with a permanent, if only slight limp that restricts his movement on occasion, especially in cold weather. His hair is a thick shade of charcoal with greying streaks brought on by stress and he has a permanent look of slight sadness on his face, with eyes that always look as though they are looking through you, into the distance, rather than at you.
Because of this trait, and because of his unrivalled shot with a rifle during the campaigns, Mortimer was given the nickname ‘Spearow-eyed Mort’ during the war, a name that followed him into his later ‘career’.

He married at the age of 21, to Margery Stevens, and she bore him three children, twin girls and a boy, whom Mort cared for deeply. Magarey died a few years later after the winter struck their village hard on the outskirts of old Viridian city. Despite his youth, he never remarried.

Concerning Pokémon, Mort grew up surrounded by them too; he considered them at best, pets and food stuffs, and at worst, deadly predators. He remembers well the great battle on the Shore of Cinnabar Island, when Gyarados lurched from the water in droves, brought on by the smell of blood and the sound of rifles. They attacked in droves, killing and feeding where they could, making the war even harder to win. Indeed, his youngest son, Timothy, owns a small Growlithe called Peter that acts as the family pet.

Mort however, does not share his families love for the creatures, knowing the danger they have proved, seeing more than one should of the chaos they bring.

Mort became something of a pirate a few years later after the war efforts money began to run dry. After finding no honest employment to speak of during the depression and with winter on the way again, he worked with a few others of his old regiment to trick Johtoan merchant ships into believing they were also traders. When they were in closing distance, it was a simple matter of attacking with their long ranged rifles and plundering what treasures they had. Mort was a simple man, and he never took a life when it was needed in the war, but being known for his vicious nature when the situation called for it.
He left his victims unharmed so much as he could when out to sea, often leaving them a knife or blade to free themselves before they were attacked at sea by various Pokémon. His small ship, the ‘Dragonite’ became infamous across the borders, but as war started brewing for the second time in his lifetime, his raids became less frequent, stopping when borders became implementing the use of Pokémon from the government, a weapon that even his prized rifle, Margery, couldn’t stand up too.

Mortimer knew that war was on the horizon again months before the news broke out that the Johtoans planned to invade again, with their revolution in the art of capturing and training Pokémon for battle and the mysterious Pokémon, Mew, using its unholy powers to stop all automated weaponry from firing, it was only a matter of time.

Still, the faith Mort had in his country was still shaken, crippled even from the loss of his wife and the fallout after the war. Kanto had initiated the last war and he had paid the price. The Johtoans were obliged to launch a counterattack when they gained the upper hand, he knew this.

But when the raids began and a 12ft long Arbok crashed into his house in an attempt to kill his family, Mort took up arms and joined the war, knowing that there would be no peace for him or his children until it was over.

Slinging Margery over his shoulder despite her inability to fire, he signed on the next week, leaving his oldest daughter by 3 minutes, Anna-Marie, to watch over her sister, Louisa and their little brother.


Dratini | Proud | Shed Skin | Male
Larger Image - [link]


Tiberius is a large Dratini from the area that would later become known as’ the safari zone’ up in north Kanto. He is proud, aggressive, and incredibly stubborn, known to hiss and lash out at even the strongest of trainers. Despite his aggression, he and Mort work very well together, acting in unison through a series of noises, clicks and hisses to establish what attack, how and when to strike an opponent from ambush or in open, rather than simply blurting out commands as other trainers do.

Like all Dratini, Tiberius will not stop growing if he is fed, and, again like all Dratini, he has an insatiable appetite for all kinds of Pokémon if he can kill them. Despite his vicious nature, Mort has something of an understanding with him, for mutual benefit, it is best that they work together.


Tiberius was part of a larger pod of Dratini and its evolutions before he was captured, a powerful creature and an unnaturally large male for Dratini as a species (being that females are often considered the larger and more aggressive). Tiberius was trained at saffron, as were most of the Pokémon handed out to war recruits, but he found the training exercises meagre and was left wanting. When he was given to Mort, a veteran of a previous war, Tiberius was not pleased, his pride leading him to assume that no one could handle him properly, still yearning for freedom in the big wide world.
As a Pokémon, he is incredibly quick, strong and tough, shrugging off attacks that others of kin would be killed at, but this too is a problem. Tiberius will not admit defeat easily, if at all, and his stubbornness often causes him to be reckless, even when in ambush, attacking Pokémon far larger than himself in the face of pride.

Despite their uneasy relationship, Mort and Tiberius have a very unique manner of combat that will be put to the test in the battles to come.

MOVES: Twister | Wrap | Thunder Wave |Light Screen

NOTES: Tiberius is an extraordinarily large Dratini for his age.

Growlithe | loyal | intimidate | male
Larger Image - [link]

Aurelian is something of a sniffer dog. Aurelian is fiercely loyal and protective of Mort, staying close by whenever he can and Mort is very fond of him. Aura is primarily, as mentioned used for his tracking and sense based abilities.

With an incredible sense of smell and all round ability to sense the presence of enemies, he is capable of dispelling evasion-based upgrades, along with being able to sense ghost types and otherwise invisible Pokémon ( I imagine odor sleuth to be useful for more than just ghost types realistically, more like a sense heightening move all around, so excellent for sensing hidden enemies) to that end, Whilst very, very capable of combat, his primary function is to alert mort to danger when he may be otherwise preoccupied.

(info and sketch will be properly updated in due time, this is just to make sure its in on time)

more links to come, concerning friends, allies etc, when i have some :(

THE TOURNAMENT HAS BEGUN. The link to my first page can be found here - [link]

EDIT: 29/04/2012 - updated Aurelian into page.
EDIT: 03/06/2012 - updated poke'mon list. this is a WIP. i'd like to stress that, but its just so people know who ive got. Vipsania is a shiny that i won! but yes, loads of info to come, but for now, have the half done stuff!
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