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Commission 25 by catandcrown Commission 25 by catandcrown
Commission 25

UPDATED and basically finished. The pokedex entries have now been added below. In terms of the picture, i have updated the face, added little details such as scales, glitns of light and other bits and bobs, and i feel it looks beytter for it. Any comments, thoguht or friendly crits would be appreciated, but ultimatley its down to the client if he likes it or not :)

Thanks so much for the amount of support already garnerd guys!


The Pokémon Scizor is the fully evolved form of Scyther and is considered just as deadly. The Creature is born from a Pokémon trade whilst Scyther is made to hold the item known as the metal coat. The fact that these Pokémon are created solely out of trades and upgrades make them practically impossible to find in the wild.
Because of this fact, the Pokémon are prized amongst trainers, noting the Bug catching boom of 96 when Scyther were captured in enormous amounts for its metallic cousin.

When traded, Scyther undergo their evolution in typical insect Pokémon fashion. The metal coat bonds with their biological structure as they travel and forces their exoskeletal structure to mutate. This causes them to cocoon for several days, their hide and structure hardening and gaining a sheen as it develops. The skin, once hard but still vulnerable to harm, has become organic metal, incredibly strong and durable, but also far heavier than the original Pokémon’s light frame. Their evolution reduces their speed by a fair amount, but it makes up for this in many more ways.

Scizor are known for their obvious claw like appendages, allowing them to not only crush and cut, but grasp objects with amazing dexterity. A Scizor can pluck a berry from a branch and not crush it with as much ease as it can slice a whole tree trunk in two. The Pokémon biological structure has now evolved stronger wings, enabling it to still fly whilst retaining its massive weight increase, along with harder defences and stronger physical attacks. Their wings give off an iconic buzzing noise when in flight, noting other Pokémon of their arrival, thick and heavy, like a large plane.

Being considered a ‘man made’ Pokémon of sorts, it has been observed in a natural and trained environment by experts with various opinions. Some believe that the Scizor are incapable of surviving in a social group when released, due to their aggressive nature and conflicts with their former evolved forms. Steel Pokémon often have this issue.

Other scientists believe that they would do well as patriarchal or matriarchal leaders of groups of Scyther, their natural prowess being useful in their social structure. But Scyther are usually considered solitary hunters, only gathering en masse when breeding season arrives. However, as noted, these seasons are known for their deadly effects. Scizor, when trained correctly, are quiet, but fierce Pokémon, striking with deadly precision and being able to cut, slash and jab in milliseconds of being released, despite their bulk and size. They are not known for their affection, but are valuable allies and are famed for their quiet devotion to their trainers if properly treated.
Despite their cool, outward appearance, they are not to be taken lightly, along with their younger forms, they are considered extremely dangerous.


Alakazam are elders of the Abra species, their fully aged forms. The creature, through evolution, has become taller, stronger, and lost the shaggy tail of its previous form. The aged creatures have developed incredibly powerful psychokinetic and telepathic abilities, far surpassing those of their young. In their tribal colonies, they sit for hours on end meditating, observing the universe around them and honing their skills. Their snouts have now become elongated and, in males, have grown thick tufts of hair that resemble moustaches. They also continue to adorn themselves with items and trinkets of value, often passed down from generation to generation, from elder to elder. Some Alakazam possess items that date back hundreds of years, and they follow a strict and fierce code of honour within their societies. Males and females alike become elders, but it is usually males that become grand elders, being that they live longer lives. These Elders can live up to and over200 years according to specialists and they boast phenomenal gifts, ranging from psychic force to the ability to see through time and space. The older these creatures get however, the frailer they become, relying on levitation and their psychic abilities to aid them in their travel. It is a common myth that there are Alakazam whose feet have not touched the ground in decades, in even sleep.

Unlike their younglings, Kadabra, The Alakazam rarely leave their social groups, preferring to stay and look after the new-born and teach them in their ancient customs and traditions. They also carry a set of spoon like knives that are used in rituals, often adorned with berries, feathers, nuts that they shake frantically whilst chanting.

Males and females mate for life and it is usually the males that care for the young, but it is down to speculation for whatever reason this is. The social groups keep themselves well hidden and, being how intelligent they are, are rarely found in the open. Because of this, their tribal culture is uncertain to scientists, and open to many theories. That they worship a deity of some sort, that they are all psychically linked as one mind and that they are possibly connected to even more powerful Pokémon. Being that the Psychic as a Pokémon type are often connected telepathically, this is not such an absurd statement to make.
Alakazam are almost impossible to catch in the wild, and as such are left open to many mysteries. But when trained from Abra, they are intelligent, aloof, but fierce in battle, overwhelming their foes with their mental prowess, favoured by Psychic trainers across the globe.


Gengar is known throughout the Pokémon world as the iconic ghost type. Known for its deathly grin, its staring eyes and its formidable powers of trickery and shadow manipulation, it is truly a force to be reckoned with. When Haunter, the adolescent form of Ghastly, begin to feed on shadows with age, their ectoplasmic form begins to harden. Ghastly are known for their almost completely gaseous forms, and haunter, for its bony appendages and half skull like face. This takes s a final form in Gengar, when it solidifies the majority of its facial structure into a skull of sorts. Then, coating itself in thick ghost energies and ectoplasm, growing what appear to be ears, arms and hands that are capable of amazing dexterity.

Gengar are able to melt themselves into darkness at will, an incredibly useful ability when concerning the predators hunger. Gengar feed on shadows, but they also gather a taste for flesh. They do not eat much, but there is no denying their appetites for smaller Pokémon, rattata, pidgey often go missing in the darkness of the cities. The ghost Pokémon do not dwell in the wild, preferring to live in densely populated areas such as cities and towns, where they are able to consume the shadows of the living, along with trick and scare their prey, bringing them great delight. They are known for their quick, agile speed along with their special attacking force, favoured by Morty, the gym leader of Ecruteak city of the Johto region. Famed for their spine chilling laughter as they slink in and out of the walls, terrifying their opponents, The Pokémon have garnered a cult following trend in the young populace. It isn’t hard to see why.

Gengar breed in a peculiar fashion. They do not seem to mate as regular Pokémon do, but this is often the case with Ghost Pokémon. Instead, when two Gengar meet, they simple join their bodies together briefly, using their ghostly energies and consciousness to breathe life into a new Ghastly, forming its own body over a period of days. When the new-born is able to keep its energies together, it finds the nearest shadow and hides there for around two weeks, feeding slowly off the energy that the darkness gives them. Gengar is unique out of its forms that it can survive in daylight without harm. Ghastly and Haunter prefer to dwell within darkness, their metaphysical bodies being burnt by strong light sources.

Gengar are mischievous even when trained. They are loyal but still prefer to sneak up on their trainers, pull pranks and even scare them when the mood takes them. It is because of this reason that they must selected by the right trainer, it takes a strong hand and an even stronger will to train and bluntly, put up with their antics. But their power often shows the benefits of having a Gengar on one’s side, a powerful creature of the darkness and the face of the Ghost populace in many regions.


Blastoise are adult Squirtle, one of the three starting Pokémon issued to new trainers In the kanto region. Blastoise are immense Pokémon, incredibly powerful, loyal and capable of vicious behaviour. However, they are noted for being placid and playful when looked after, it is only when they feel they or their trainer is being threatened that they reveal their other side.

Being that they have grown to such a size, Blastoise have far greater attacking power than their young, the once soft, smooth shell of youth has grown into a thick, craggy defence mechanism that repels even the hardiest of attacks. Since their preliminary stages, the neck has elongated, able to retract and jut out at will, allowing for incredible biting abilities that, when combined with the Pokémon’s sharp beak-like maw, produces devastating attacking force. The large, fluffy ears and tail of the previous evolution have been shed, developing into more streamline, lizard like features. The most prominent development however, is that the Blastoise has grown a pair or siphon like growths just under its shell. Curiously, a large gap grows between the Pokémon’s neck, and the tip of its shell, leading scientists to wonder why it doesn’t grow closer together for inspection.

However, when observed, it is noted that Blastoise, like their evolutionary line, need to take in water before they can dispel it, like most water Pokémon. Blastoise Are often seen mulling around on dry land or at sea, but can use various attacks on either. Under study, it was noted that on land, the Pokémon prefers to conserve water to keep itself hydrated, preferring to tackle, or bite or use its jutting spikes that have grown from the shell. The cannons function with the shell itself, which is a biological wonder in its own right. Tough, cartilage like muscles form the cannons, which can also be retracted back into the main part of the carapace, retracting so far in fact, that they turn inside out and become siphoning tools. When in water, these ports intake a vast amount of water, which is stored in the shell and either slowly absorbed by the skin, or used for attacks when forced, under high pressure, through the cannons, which can be focused to form jets of water that are powerful enough to punch through steel.

It is also noted however, that the Pokémon becomes significantly heavier when carrying large amounts of water, and will usually resort to quadruped travelling when under such strain. Yet when empty, it often lumbers on two legs, allowing for slashing attacks with the sharp claws it has now developed. Proficient at both forms of travel, it is an incredibly adaptive Pokémon when it needs to be. Males are noted for having far thicker shells, heavier growths and spikes, and generally being more aggressive. The females are, however, the more protective of their young, as it they who stay with them until puberty.

As a starting Pokémon, they, like Charizard and its evolutions, are noted for their advanced learning curve, and that a trainer must adapt and learn to control them as they themselves grow. The more passive of the two, Blastoise is nonetheless a ferocious enemy to come across.


Dragonite are titans amongst Pokémon. The fully grown forms of Dragonair have finalized their wings, sprouting heavy but lithe limbs that’s compliment their streamline, elegant bodies. Dragonite are power houses, able to use a plethora of different attacks, ranging from electrical, to water based and even fire based, along with their obvious dragon based abilities.

Dragonite, despite their ferocious appearance, are placid, intellect and helpful creatures, guiding sailors lost at sea when lost and playfully leaping out of the ocean near to ships, taunting trainers with its majesty. Its colouration has changed since Dragonair, being that it is now considered one of the apex predators of the ocean and sky, utilizing both in its day to day life. When swimming, it clamps its wings closely to its sides, using its massive, rudder like tailfin to propel itself through the water at phenomenal speeds, using its head and neck to guide itself to whatever prey it may come across, using its wing appendages to jut out at the last moment, steering with deadly precision through the water. They are also capable of launching themselves from the water into flight, a rare ability for dragon types, who usually seek warmer climates and so avoid the sea. Amongst their newfound limbs, the dragonite garners only one true weakness, being its speed when on land.
Being a creature designed for aerial and aquatic proficiency, it does not surprise scientists that its prowess upon dry land is somewhat lacking, almost cumbersome. Their bodies are long and heavy, designed for aerodynamics usually and when on land, it needs all 6 of its limbs to move at any speed at all. Using its small forearms, the Pokémon walks as a quadruped, using its wing ‘hands’ to reach forward further that its arms can reach, grasping at rocks to hoist and pull itself onwards. Along with this, Dragonite have been known to scale cliff sides in search of food or nesting spots, but this is considered a rare occurrence.

The dragon Pokémon also grows a set of bioluminescent lures at the base of its skull, able to discharge electricity along with attract prey. It is believed that when hunting, the Pokémon remains hidden in the depths of the ocean floor, flooding its lures with electrical pulses, illuminating just enough to attracted prey before lashing out with its incredibly powerful jaws.

Dragonite have never been caught in the wild, given their near legendary status, and are incredibly hard to train (along with the fact that even at their youngest form, Dratini, are incredibly rare in the wild) Used seldom by trainers but favoured by the Champion Lance, who uses several to greet challengers. As mentioned, their near legendary status gives them a ferocious and terrifying presence in the face of battle, being adept at nearly all forms of combat, with very few weaknesses.

Dragonite mate for life and are highly social animals, living in great clutches of up to three to four adults, that can grow to immense sizes (the largest on record being nearly 45 ft. from snout to tail) and a brood of up to 20 young dragonair and dratini. Given the rarity of the creatures, only once such clutch has been documented. They mate for life within their pods, but males are dwarfed by females, who are far more protective and aggressive than their male counterparts, averaging 30% larger in most cases.
Young dratini are born live surprisingly, when most dragons lay eggs, and are nurtured by their mothers and fathers alike for up to 7 years, which is when most either evolve into adolescence, or split off to find their own clutch or join another. It is usually the case that Dratini stay with their clutch, hence their rarity in the wild. Dragonite are, however, fiercely territorial. It has been known that they have had massive battles with Lone Gyarados in the wild, along with other large aquatic Pokémon such as tentacruel over feeding grounds. These battles can last days, especially if the Dragonite is alone; being that it feels the utter compulsion to defend whatever young may be in the area. Despite their rarity, When in distress, Dragonite are never far away from each other, leading scientists to believe they may have some form of telepathy or supernatural empathy that bonds them together for life. Depression often follows a clutch when a member is killed.

When reared from youth, Dragonite are one of the most reliable partners in the Pokémon world. Highly intelligent, protective and with endless powers and abilities, it is little wonder why they have garnered such a massive following in the Pokémon community. The dragon type, already considered exotic and powerful, is only empowered by this titan, a beautifully elegant, gentle giant, with a list of legends and myths surrounding it.


Magikarp are considered some of the weakest Pokémon in the world. Inelegant, powerless and unable to attack or defend with any prowess, it is little wonder that they are heavily fed upon by other Pokémon and humans alike. However. There is untapped potential deep inside them when they grow.

Magikarp do not evolve like regular Pokémon over time, but are only capable of doing when they feel threatened or abused, their tiny minds going into a state of frenzy and berserk rage that triggers their mutation. Gyarados are born from a state of fury and madness in these small fish Pokémon and the result of this is an incredibly wild and fierce creature, known by many for its destructive and often murderous intent. When Magikarp are forced into this state of panic, their bodies secrete a special growth hormone (the same that is applied by scientists nowadays for the benefits of rare candies) that causes a massive chain reaction in the Pokémon’s biological and anatomical structure. Even over a number of hours, the Pokémon can go from being 3 ft. in length, to over 30, some recorded even being faster.

It is also an incredibly painful experience for the Pokémon, further adding to its berserk rages that it is known for. However, this is not to say it is un-trainable. On the contrary, if trained from a young age, Gyarados are known for their incredible power and the usefulness in the field. It is believed by scientists that whatever feeling the Pokémon has for the trainer at the point of evolution, will stay with it for the rest of its life, being that Gyarados, whilst cunning and powerful hunters, and not particularly intelligent, often working themselves into rages without much reason. Because of this reason, Gyarados can either be ferociously untameable to a poor trainer, or utterly devoted to a good one. For only the most caring of trainers are able to train these leviathans once fully grown. It has become common practice to register yourself at the local Pokémon centre when attempting to evolve a Magikarp for this reason.

In some sad cases, Gyarados have had to be put down because of poor training, unable to fully comprehend their anger, going into massive rages that can decimate buildings.

Biologically, Gyarados are an interesting species, with a maw of sharp fangs, incredibly eyesight and smell and a set of antennae used specifically for hunting, it is little wonder why they thrive in the wild. They have the ability to wrap themselves around prey and crush them with an incredible amount of force if they chose to do so, along with being able to detach their jaws and swallow large prey like Arbok. They also have access to a myriad of elemental powers aside from tis native water, and, despite its type rating, is considered a powerful dragon. Gyarados live in deep water in most cases, but smaller ones are also present in large bodies of water and lakes. There have been numerous legends surrounding the appearance of the famed ‘Red Gyarados’ of the lake of rage, a popular tourist attraction. Whilst shrouded in myth and magical properties, this is simply a gene defect that occurs when the Magikarp grows too quickly, unable to mutate its scales into the common blue colour of its form.

They are however, prized amongst trainers, despite what it means to have a furious sea monster at your side. Caution is advised.

This commission beling to Matt Isakson - :iconlaurelman:
but pokemon belongs know...japan...

follow me on tumblr! i shove all my sketches and cool stuff on there :)

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CH1C4N0444 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014
So, what are you doing with all of these... *takes a second to gather enough air for next word* BADASS!!!!! realistic Pokemon designs? I've been skimming through your gallery looking for these and skimming the description(mostly just to see if I can guess the Pokemon right, which I've been doing mostly... Success)so I haven't really been reading them too much(TL;DR). Are you making your own webseries or something(I keep seeing a few names mentioned multiple times, so I'm assuming so? Could be just for entertainment for all I know)? Anyways, keep up the AMAZING work man! 
catandcrown Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
there are a fewww things going on with them, and i did make a small comic about pokemon in a realistic world war scenario with a large group of other people. At the moment I'm working on some information posters for some pokemon, plus a kanto starters design etc, so theres lots going on. Really glad you like it and i hope you like the stuff that'll be coming soon :)
CH1C4N0444 Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2014
Nice man! They've been looking great man! I especially love your Lugia and Rayquaza designs! Honestly, I love a lot of your dragon based drawings! Yea! I'm looking forward for your future work man! Keep it up!
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I am absolutely in love with these version of Pokemon you create! X3
I am even more intrigued by the scientific data you manage to place in about each species- from biology to behavior and to battle and adaptibility! I am in awe of how accurate they are and of that someone actually has this info. out there! XD
I have been contemplating for so long as to how a Scizor would work in real life. Blastoise too. A lot of my theories actually.... ;_;
catandcrown Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
haha! im glad you like them! I do really enjoy writing them and its nice to know people get a kick out of them. thank you so much :)
Arctose Featured By Owner May 20, 2014
I've commented on some of your other pieces, and I really don't want to be a pain.. but as these are commissions, how would one go about acquiring a piece like this? I totally appreciate that you don't live to do these but I'm moving into a new student house in september.. the rooms are notoriously dull and I don't want any old poster to liven it up.. It'd be nice if i could have one unique to me or at least special in some way. If you could get back to me I would be very grateful, even if it is to turn me down. Thanks man, once again, love the work.
catandcrown Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello there! I'm really sorry if you've commented on other pieces and not received a response! it's hard keeping track of all of them sometimes haha! 

As for commissions, I'm afraid at the moment im not currently taking them on. I've had to rework prices as I freelance now, and i may be releasing the information soon, so when i do, there will be a journal about it and you can see if the prices work for you there :) thanks very much for the enquiry!
Arctose Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2014
Ahh thank you so much for the reply man, I definitely will have a look when I can. I just feel like getting a standard poster for my new place is something everyone does and I'd like something different. Thanks again for getting back to me!
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This team just got scarier with the introduction of Mega Evolution. 
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