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#383 - Groudon by catandcrown #383 - Groudon by catandcrown
Groudon – The Continent Pokémon.
Pokedex Number – 383
Type – Ground

Like its opposing force, Kyogre, Groudon is a living relic, a prehistoric monster that towers above many of the mightiest modern day Pokémon. Believed to be the creator of all land, continents and volcanic activity in the Hoenn region (along with the rest of the known world) by its citizens, it has garnered a fearsome, apocalyptic reputation that surrounds its revival and awakening. As a legendary Pokémon, much of the entry that follows is speculative, or based on myths, legends and folklore. However, due to a few, scant viewings; there is enough to put together a suitable entry.

Physiology – Groudon is believed to have existed at the same time as Kyogre in ancient times. It is unclear is there is any truth to the religion that follows Groudon as a creator of landmass in the biblical sense, but much is known about its ability to create landmasses simply by being present. There are no known Pokémon In the world like it, and the towering behemoth has a unique and frighteningly powerful form, let alone powers. Its body mass suggests a creature left behind from a time when Pokémon, and whatever else may have been around all those millions of years ago, were far greater in size and mass, along with power.

Sketches, studies and a handful of photographs have shown the Pokémon to be incredibly large, carrying a massive bulk of thick, rock like armour plating over a similarly hard skin and gargantuan skeleton. For a bipedal creature, it moves incredibly slowly, and is thought not to be able to stand upright at all without aid of its massive tail.

To this end, and considering that Groudon seems to top heavy, leaning over very far as its trudges over the landmasses it creates. It is believed that the monster used to walking on all fours, a quadruped that could perhaps move faster, but seemingly evolved into something far more fearsome in the years that would follow its creation. Indeed, its short legs and longer arms also suggest a level of evidence to support its once quadrupedal form, but these are only down to speculation. To start, Groudons main body seems to be composed of an incredibly thick, tough and muscular skin that is naturally flame retardant (given that it is mostly spotted in or around volcanoes and emits ridiculous levels of heat) and incredibly resilient. On top of this almost impossible skin sits layer after layer of thick, rock like carapace, which is littered with savage scars and great wounds from ancient battles.

The armour of Groudon functions on a level unseen by any Pokémon today. The plates are a reddish brown, incredibly powerful and encrusted with massive stalagmite-like spikes that do not seem to be naturally occurring at birth. Rather, it is thought that these spikes are formed of massive Silica deposits, molten rock that has remained on the creature’s body for so long that they have solidified and become a part of it. It has also been theorised that these spikes were a sign of dominance and power in the ancient world, the larger and more numerous the spikes, the older and more powerful you are.
The plates of the armour are fitted together so that the Pokémon has a large amount of manoeuvrability in its own skin, despite its massive size and sluggish demeanour. The slates of craggy armour shift and meld together as if pieces of a puzzle, locking together when the creature coils, but also being free and wide set enough to lunge, swipe and lurch when the creature sees fit to attack.

The tail is of particular interest to scientists, who have noted its size, shape and weight. Being that the entire creature is incredibly top heavy (referring back to a time when perhaps the beast roamed the land in a different form on all fours), to walk on all fours would require a gargantuan amount of effort on the Pokémon’s part, draining its energy within minutes should it desire to go far. Because of this, it is believed that the tail weighs the creature down at the back, allowing for it so simply drag its heavy bulk forward, rather than have to support its massive upper body on its legs alone.

The legs, whilst sturdy, are very stout, but are still layered in the thick scales and shell of the creature, and are bursting with thick, ancient muscles that allows it to travel, albeit slowly, with its incredibly heavy body. The tail ends with a set of four massive rake like structures that churn up the earth behind it as it moves. It is unknown if these function for this purpose, stimulating the earth behind it for new growth, or are simply a remnant of a more ancient time.

The Pokémon’s head is crested in the same armour that dons the rest of its body, and is twice as fearsome. Its eyes glow with a fierce and hot energy, hollowed out in a skull reminiscent of modern day dragons and dinosaur Pokémon. It also has a mouth filled with vicious teeth, some longer than a human hand in length. The entire inner mouth of Groudon is naturally flame and heat retardant, being that the creature regularly vomits up magma and lava as it walks, spewing new land from a seemingly endless stomach cavity. There have been almost no indications that this leaves the Pokémon scarred or hurt in any way, so one can only assume that the entirety of Groudon inner workings, or at the very least digestive tract, is made up of a similarly flame retardant structure.

Concerning display, Groudon is a rusty, earthy red in colour, with a deeper grey underbelly that bleeds into a bluer colour on the upper side of the creatures back. Interestingly, Groudon, like its ancient counterpart Kyogre, sports ancient bioluminescent cells in particularly sections of skin and on some remote areas of the craggy shell, which glow are vivid and deep blue when the creature so wishes. It is unclear whether these cells are used for territorial displays, for signalling other creatures, intelligent or no, or simply as a natural response when the creature feels threatened.

What is known is that its counterparts also sport similar markings, prompting scientists to believe that the ‘runes’ or blood vessels and veins were used in a time when the creatures fought over expanding territories, used almost exclusively against one another as warnings, or perhaps a unique brand of language that only the ancient titans could understand. Leading scholars and researchers of ancient texts to look into the runes near their homes and respective temples and places of worship.

Behaviour – Groudon has only been glimpsed outside of its ancient home a handful of times in the entire span of human history, and only once or twice in modern times. It is an ancient, towering monolith, but fantastically rare to behold, believed by many to be the last, if not the only one of its kind. However, according to ancient texts, legends and myths of Mt Pyre, Groudon is an incredibly aggressive and fiery Pokémon, capable of causing destruction on a massive scale when it is disturbed; contrasting to the otherwise serene and calm Pokémon Kyogre (this is speculative and must be treated only as theory).

Groudon signature trait in both legend and fact is that it was believed to create landmasses by causing the sun to shine and thus evaporating the water on the shores where it walks. There is a scary amount of truth to these claims, documented the second time Groudon has been seen in more recent times. Groudon’s body is capable of stripping electrons on a massive scale, which makes the atmosphere surrounding it less dense. Because of this ability, (which has been witnessed in the Pokémon move ’Sunny Day’ recently) the clouds around the Pokémon in at least a three miles radius begin to thin, along with the rest of the atmosphere and cause the sun’s rays to hit the earth at a far more direct and intense rate.

As one can imagine, this ability heats up the earth around it to dramatic and intolerable levels for almost any living thing besides rock, ground and fire type Pokémon. This ability to cause the sun’s rays to become intensified in the Pokémon’s vicinity, coupled with the fact that Groudon actively eats rock, magma and lava in its natural habitat and follows by spewing it from its mouth means that Groudon creates masses of new land, expanding continents by large amounts should it ever by allowed to roam free.

Because of the heat generated by its mere presence, Groudon also has the ability to use a number of electrical attacks, along with the unique ability for a non-grass type to manipulate solar molecules and charge them into the attack known as ‘Solar beam’ by officials. This shocking ability again suggests a heritage that is not strictly limited to its current form.

In terms of intelligence, Groudon is not thought to be particularly intelligent, but certainly above average and equally cunning. Whilst Kyogre, like most whale-Pokémon, is believed to be a swift and vastly intelligent creature, capable of curiosity and almost understanding, Groudon doesn’t seem to comprehend anything more than feeding and sleeping.

Unfortunately, this can never be tested in full, as Groudon’s mere presence incinerates smaller and weaker Pokémon, let alone humans should they come close to its form, so for all scientists know, Groudon could be a very compassionate creature, capable of understanding and a degree of intelligence that it simply cannot reciprocate with modern day organisms and Pokémon.

Concerning food, Groudon lives in an often barren environment, but is an active predator. A vast majority of the time, Groudon seems to nourish itself in the same manner that Kyogre does with water, by simply absorbing them through the skin from magma and lava, which are rich with nutrients and chemicals that are able to sustain it for hundreds of years at a time. When awakened however, Groudon has been seen to hunt, blasting Pokémon with its high powered heat and fire attacks before feeding on the ash that remains. It has also been seen feeding directly on Slugma, Magcargo, Numel and Camerupt, Torkoal and many other Pokémon that are able to live in such high temperatures.

The specimen observed in more recent times laying waste to an evacuated village several years ago is believed to be male, if one compares it to modern day reptilian Pokémon. It is therefore believed that the males of this species were the more aggressive of the two genders; however this can only be speculated, as with much of the Pokémon’s history and genetic makeup etc.

Groudon has never been challenged on film or witnessed truly in battle. Its rampage that was documented several years ago has records of it using attacks such as fire blast, earthquake, massive tremor based attacks and even more elemental ones. Along with an entirely new and seemingly unique attack recently (and rightly) named Eruption, which causes the Pokémon to violently expel magmatic lava and pyro kinetic forces from its core in all directions, effectively recreating the effects of a volcanic eruption, with almost as much force. If it wished, this could quite effectively create a new island for it to live within mere hours. This ability has been polarised by Kyogre, which is able to produce water in vast quantities in a similar fashion, effectively carving out its own habitat wherever it sees fit.

Hoenn lore assumes that should Groudon met with Kyogre after being awoken both at the same time, a violent apocalypse would follow, the result of floods and masses eruptions being considered the next cycle for the world, which would then begin anew in a new shape and size. These lore’s are currently being researched into, with thanks to the residents of Mt Pyre for access to their records.

Habitat – In origin, we simply cannot say what the world was like back when this particular Groudon was born. We cannot say whether is has existed for so long in the same form it always has, or what the primordial world had to offer it. Its current habitat is often within active or indeed sleeping volcanoes. In an interesting thought of paradox however, when Groudon awakens, volcanic eruptions occur all over the immediate region, so sleeping volcanoes are often checked to see if the beast is slumbering within them.

Not including the fact that Groudon often feeds directly off of the nutrients present within volcanic magma, it seems to simply enjoys bathing within the substance. As one would expect, it shuns the cold and damp, and much prefers to be submerged within its heated home, whether that be in the core of the magma stream, or simply a warm location.

Other Pokémon follow Groudon in an almost Acolyte-like fashion. Slugma and its evolution Magcargo have been seen following the great lumbering beast as it slowly makes its way across the landscape, seemingly unaware of what or where it its heading towards. What is interesting is that, seeing as Slugma are born from molten magma and various rock materials, these creatures could theoretically have been born from Groudon itself, its unique body being able to vomit up masses of the same substance is made from, but with ancient bacteria and other organisms contained within that modern day Pokémon cannot match. To this end, to study Groudon, Pokémon scientists have begun studying Slugma and Magcargo, somewhat common Pokémon, to see if there is anything they can learn or at the very least, confirm about Groudon’s abilities and ancient world.

Myths/Legends – Hoennian religion focuses on a strong triangle of Pokémon. Kyogre, Groudon and Rayquaza are all legendary in their own right, but each performs a specific function. Groudon, a master of land and fire, created the landmasses, attempting to expand its territories and those of its kin. Kyogre used its mastery of water and the storms to drench the lands in an attempt to drown the new landmass. Legend states that these creatures duelled almost to the death before Rayquaza, the great dragon god, descended from on high to stop the fighting. Using its mystical power to stop both of their powers, made the Pokémon calm, and sent them to slumber for what could have been millennia.

Legend also states that one of the many artefacts of mount pyre, namely the blue or red orb respectively, can be used to awake these creatures, even control them. Whilst this myth does hold in terms of written evidence, there is no proof that these items hold any other link to the beasts other than in folklore. The elders of the Mt Pyre sanctum hold true to these legends, as it forms the basis of their small, cultural religion.

These legends are always under speculation. For one, there is debate whether Groudon was the ONLY member of its species, being created at the dawn of time with its counterparts by Arceus, or was a natural breed and a thriving populace of the primordial world. Some believe that in the days past, when these two species clashes, it was on a far larger scale.

A large population of Kyogre could theoretically have created a water source large enough to cause mass flooding on a global scale, along with its foe, Groudon doing the opposite with its magmatic powers spewing landmasses into the ocean. In either case, rather than just these two Pokémon engaged in a cataclysmic battle, it could be said that an all-out war between these species formed the landmasses we see today, as no other Pokémon can boast such powers on a scale these two create.

Whilst there are other Pokémon that boast earth and Geokinetic abilities, none can hold a candle to Groudon. Along with this, none can truly ‘Create’ landmass in the same way. These legends are only in theory, but they hold weight in the argument that these two creatures almost drove themselves to extinction with the formation of the world, stopping only when Rayquaza appeared or intervened. Regardless of this, true believers of these legends stay firm to the belief that Kyogre, Groudon and Rayquaza are in fact one of a kind Pokémon, being the only ones to have ever existed and being somewhat immortal.

Along with this, they also believe that their Behemoth-like gods are either sleeping or have been asleep for hundreds of thousands of years. Whether this is true or not remains to be answered, as the sightings of the creature recently has led to serious debate amongst the hoennian religious factions concerning the possibility that a similar conflict of legend is soon to begin.

Trainer Policy – Groudon is protected by Hoennian capture law, forbidding trainers to capture it. It has always been revered by various tribes and religious factors since the founding of the nation, and, along with its almost god-like status, it is considered federal offence to go on the hunt for it.

Along with this, it is considered far too powerful for capture, with the exception of the patented Silph Co. Masterball, which is distributed to league champions and officials only. Despite this, Trainers have been seeking the creature for any, many years and will naturally continue to do so, despite the high risk of its prize.

Unlike Kyogre, which has an incredibly vast ocean to hide within, Groudon is limited to active volcanoes, or at least to areas with extreme heat properties. Whilst this limits the search; it effectively renders the hunt moot, as Groudon simply cannot be approached by a trainer unprepared for its abilities. Being within 900ft of the titan will result in massive burnings to a human being when Groudon is even sleep, as was witnessed before its awakening and since its initial documentation.

To this end, it’s hard to know just how powerful or violent Groudon could become when threatened, but it also debated at what levels restrictions should apply. On a religious level, on a danger level and on a simply apocalyptic level, Trainers are forbidden from entering the territory Groudon has carved out for itself, for fear of death at the hands of the creature itself or reprisals from officials (up to but not limited to the banning of a Pokémon training licence and lifetime imprisonment).

Caution is advised.



Because of popular demand, i decided to give Groudon a go :)
I do have some more things to do on it, such as more work on the slugma and some more tiny little details, but im off and away for a few days and wanted it up before i left.

After some suggestions on-line, i've gone for the heavier, lumbering approach for Groudon, a mixture of ankylosaurus, tyrannosaurus, gorilla and crustaceans, particularly lobsters :) just to give the mass of its weight across as a very Godzilla-like monster that's incredibly sluggish, but unnaturally powerful.

I hope everyone has had a very merry Christmas, and i hope youre looking forward to the new year!

Pokémon Designs.

Old Format

Growlithe – Evolution Line
Dratini – Evolution Line

New Format

- Kyogre
- Groudon
- Rayquaza
- Kyurem
- Xerneas

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hahaha! well, if we're talking serious trainer policy, then i guess if its destroying the world, then that's a job for the regions gym leaders and pokemon league. In this realistic pokemon world i'm creating, they are basically the strongest trainers around, but also politicians and leaders. Along with this, if it HAS to be captured, i prefer to think that only master balls will contain pokemon of this strength, which are only openly available to members of the league for special reasons. 

And if you WERE to capture it, then the ball can easily be shut down so it can't open. It's advanced technology, but everything is monitored, so it wouldn't be too difficult. As you broke trainer policy law, they would confiscate it and probably release it back into the wild, as there's a fuck load of environmental stuff based around it. 

....then you'd go to jail. 
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