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If you click the link above, you will see all of my prices and information. It will also show what i am currently working on. Please let me know via note if you are interested in some commission work.

Commissions are CLOSED
(Until I work through the list I have)



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Jamie Flack
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
A young artist with dreams of world domination. Digital artist, photo manipulator, graphic designer and illustrator with a love of laughing like the joker.
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Hi guys! 

Due to some rather unfortunate events, I am opening up commissions basically everywhere. As Pokemon team commissions are the most popular request, I have made a list of prices that will help you decide on what you would like and any other details you might need. I can of course, accommodate most types of commissions that you would like, but please let me know via Note if you are interested. Once i have two commissions set up, i will stop the list, work on them to completion, then open them up again, depending on if i get that many haha! 

The link is below if you would like to see the details. 



Journal History


Pokemon Morphology - honedge line by catandcrown
Pokemon Morphology - honedge line

I have had these designs lying around for nearly a year now? about time i did something with them! added in a few other ones and smartened up some of the paint work. There will DEFINITELY be inaccuracies in the weapons, so please don't think I don't know XD it's just a little bit of fun to explore some more variations and morphology in Pokemon. Let me know if you would like the pokedex entries in the description section if it's not readable on the designs. Hope you like them!


Pokémon Designs.


#382 - Kyogre by catandcrown - Kyogre
#383 - Groudon by catandcrown - Groudon
#384 - Rayquaza by catandcrown - Rayquaza
#646 - Kyurem by catandcrown - Kyurem
#??? - Xerneas by catandcrown - Xerneas



Pokemon Morphology - Dragonite by catandcrown
Pokemon Morphology - Dragonite

My second set, as it’s my favourite Pokémon. 

I worked on making this set a bit more refined, and a bit more creative. Whilst the designs out there are superb, I wanted to push for more body shape differences then simply swapping the colours. Hopefully this will flesh out a more realistic Pokémon world a bit more. 

I have attached the text to the pictures and made them a bit more scientific, as people kept deleting the flavour text on tumblr.


The Common Dragonite is the most plentiful and registered breed found to date. It is categorised by an equal balance of wingspan, limb size and tail size, being adapted for life both on the land and at sea for extended periods of time. It is also an incredible flyer, known to rise to great heights in order to circumnavigate the globe in a relatively short amount of time.

In its common form, which can be found in lakes, rivers and other large bodies of water, Dragonite is a light orange colour, with teal membranes to its wings and yellowish antennae (which it uses to sense prey and also to perform electrical attacks). Dragonite reaches full maturity at 55 months if trained correctly, with wild specimens varying between 55 to 65 months. A creature with extreme intellect and power, it is not easily trained and is marked as a pseudo-legendary class Pokémon.


The Eastern Blue Dragonite is found primarily in lakes and rivers and is noted for having very high special attack and special defence capabilities. Though smaller than their common counterparts, they are longer, more lithe and are considered the most elegant of the various breeds. They are not capable flyers, preferring to glide with their smaller wingspan, but are inclined to use them to surge out of bodies of water to catch prey. 

These Dragonite are the calmest and most serene of their species, boasting higher intelligence than the Common Dragonite. Along with their small wingspan and blueish colouring, they are easily spotted by their white frilled antennae that adorn the neck, leading people to mistake them for the juvenile Dragonairs that often accompany them in their pods.  Being that they often live in warmer climates, they seem slightly more resilient to ice attacks (a primary weakness of dragons) as their blood is naturally warmer overall.


The Crested Dragonite, sometimes called the Flame Crested Dragonite, is one of the most exotic breeds of this Pokémon. Its vibrant colours set it apart from other Dragonite, along with several other differences.

As a cliff-dweller by nature, the Crested Dragonite has a much larger wingspan to body ratio than other Dragonite, capable of gliding for days at a time if required. Its feet are less webbed and have longer talons that allow it to pluck prey from the water. This also affords it more grip on its mountainous home. The crest fills with blood when the Pokémon is angered and shows off the same exotic colours that adorn the wing membranes.

Crested Dragonite are often faster than common Dragonite, as their naturally larger wings allow for them to reach heights and speeds few other winged species can match. Their downfall, however, is when they are grounded, being lighter and more fragile than their Common brethren.


The Muddy Dragonite is known for being the most aggressive of the Dragonite breeds. Far stronger and tougher than its ocean-dwelling brethren, the Muddy Dragonite boasts exceptional defence and attack, which it sacrifices speed for.

As these creatures are often found with the ability ‘Multiscale’, (a highly sought after trait in the Dragonite species) it is no surprise that their tough, armoured hide separates them from the other breeds. Their wings are small and unsuited for long distance flights, preferring, as with other small-winged Dragonite, the use of quick bursts of speed in their swampy homes. Dwelling in murky and often shallow waters inland, the Muddy Dragonite can also be found lazing out in the afternoon sun, heating its body temperature up before it returns to the water.

This breed is often used as parental stock in order to pass on the Multiscale gene onto its offspring, weeding out the aggressive tendencies as the process goes along.


‘Shiny’ Dragonite (and its evolutionary line) are rare, but are becoming increasingly more common, as are most ‘Shiny’ Pokémon. This pigment change, whilst adored by the training public, is in fact a genetic disorder resulting from inbreeding. All too often, trainers will ‘farm’ Pokémon eggs in order to create stronger and more specialised animals, sometimes resulting in a ‘Shiny’ side effect.

The disorder, which can affect any Pokémon subjected to harsh inbreeding, can be categorised in a faint sheen on the skin (that can result in them being shunned from their social groups and parents and simply not surviving in the wild due to lack of camouflage in weaker animals) and a drastic skin colour change. Whilst considered desirable, most ‘Shiny’ Pokémon are often frail and sickly, few living as long as their uncorrupted counterparts. Pokémon breeders are advised by the government to halt this process, but with such a high demand for glamourous Pokémon, it is unlikely to stop any time soon.


The Great Ocean Dragonite is exceptionally rare, typically spending most of their lives in the deeper areas of the ocean.

Despite being rather sluggish and poorly equipped for combat on land, the Ocean Dragonite boasts remarkable defences and HP stats, with a thick hide that only the strongest attacks can penetrate. In comparison to the Common Dragonite, the Ocean Dragonite is far more suited to life in water. Its arms and legs are more fin-like, and primarily used for steering its massive body through the water. Its wings are too small for it to fly with, considering its weight, so they are commonly used for underwater battles, where quick bursts of speed are required. A large mouth also allows for it to swallow entire schools of Goldeen, Magikarp and other fish-like Pokémon in a single gulp.

Seeing a fully grown Great Ocean Dragonite is a rare privilege. The largest known recording was at a Kanto lighthouse in 1998, where it was estimated to have been at least 30 meters long.

I understand that these may not be to everyones tastes, but they were fun to do :)

Pokémon Designs.


#382 - Kyogre by catandcrown - Kyogre
#383 - Groudon by catandcrown - Groudon
#384 - Rayquaza by catandcrown - Rayquaza
#646 - Kyurem by catandcrown - Kyurem
#??? - Xerneas by catandcrown - Xerneas



Pokemon Morphology - Kingdra by catandcrown
Pokemon Morphology - Kingdra
Theres a bit of a thing going around on tumblr where you draw pokemon sub-species and variations within their group. So I had a go and did one for Kingdra :D
Based on various seahorses and seadragons. Quite pleased how they came out, even if they are a touch rough, I think it'll be cool to post more stuff here if i can help it :)

thanks guys! 

Pokémon Designs.


#382 - Kyogre by catandcrown - Kyogre
#383 - Groudon by catandcrown - Groudon
#384 - Rayquaza by catandcrown - Rayquaza
#646 - Kyurem by catandcrown - Kyurem
#??? - Xerneas by catandcrown - Xerneas



Witchsona Jamie by catandcrown
Witchsona Jamie


A day late! but it’s OK, I wanted to put a little more effort in! My witchsona is basically a void bottler. His coat contains thousands of tiny little black holes that he can summon Voidstuff from. He then bottles it, charms it with a task and then sells them as all-purpose Voidfolk.

Need your kids taken to school? We have a bottle for that.

Need your enemies slain in battle? got you covered!

Need someone to talk to for a bit? No problemo!

These bottles are one time use only and we cannot accept any responsibility for their use once purchased. you wana use one to kill someone, fine, but if you think the witch is going to jail for your poor life choices you've got another thing coming. 

I know this is kinda rough around the edges, but i thought i would share it all the same :) it was a fun little exercise, and some of the others i've seen floating around are stunning. 

Commission - Pokemon Trainer Matt by catandcrown
Commission - Pokemon Trainer Matt
Next Commission done! This time for :iconlaurelman: It took a bit longer because of other work going on at the same time, but I'm quite happy with the results! 
So what we have here is Trainer Matt, Frenchie the Greninja, Chloroblast the Sceptile and Aquawit the Feraligatr (matt and feraligatr were done a fair while ago, but have been neatened up and painted and can be seen here -…)

Hope you guys like it!

Commission information can be found 
HERE, just in case you see this and would like one too!

EDIT - Added in Bouffalant and retouched the overall picture, including Sceptiles facial structure. Th 'hollows' that are commonly in dinosaur art are inaccurate, so I thought best to remedy it :)

Pokémon Designs.


#382 - Kyogre by catandcrown - Kyogre
#383 - Groudon by catandcrown - Groudon
#384 - Rayquaza by catandcrown - Rayquaza
#646 - Kyurem by catandcrown - Kyurem
#??? - Xerneas by catandcrown - Xerneas




Which of the pokemon from the ' Type Challenge' (…) should i fully render (groudon, kyogre and rayquaza style) next? 

164 deviants said Ghost - Giratina, Origin and Normal formes -…
125 deviants said Psychic - Mew, Mewtwo (in armour) and Mewthree -…
71 deviants said Dragon - Dratini, Dragonair and Dragonite -…
62 deviants said Water - Horsea, Seadra and Kingdra -…
58 deviants said Electric - Mareep, Flaafy and Ampharos -…
54 deviants said Ground - Onix and Steelix -…
53 deviants said Steel - Scyther and Scizor -…
50 deviants said Bug - Larvesta and Volcarona -…
47 deviants said Other (as there isn't enough room to put all 17 types here) - Please comment!
37 deviants said Grass - Chikorita, Bayleef and Meganium -…



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I know you get this all the time, but your pekoman drawing are really cool and I want to say keep up with your work man. :)
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Thankyou for the watch! <3
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I have a few requests if that's okay:
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You make awesome pokemon stuff. found a doujin you might get a kick out of. have fun. ^^
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Hello! I see your commissions are open, and I would like to commission a Pokemon team. Where would be best to contact you concerning this? Do you have an email?
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Happy Birthday!
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I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday!

 I notice you're from the UK! What part? I've visited England and Scotland.

I found that a lot of people here in the U.S. don’t know much about their own country, much less anyone else's.  :(

I post prayer updates about different countries. Part of the reason is to raise awareness about what's going on in the rest of the world. Recently I’ve started my own private initiative;if I notice someone on DA  is from another country, if I've done their country I let them know.  It’s my way of letting them know that others are thinking about their home. :)

These updates are about your home!



Northern Ireland…



Isle of Man…

GOD bless you now and always.

John 3:16

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